Katrin Loy – Artist Spotlight Solo Art Exhibition – February 2021

Katrin Loy is the Photography & Digital Artist Spotlight winning artist for the month of February 2021. Katrin is an award-winning photographer based in Germany.

Katrin’s Solo Art Exhibition will be featured on the website for the month of February 2021. The gallery will promote Katrin and her work on the Fusion Art website, individual online press releases to hundreds of outlets, email blasts to over 5,500+ buyers, collectors, galleries and art professionals, in online event calendars, art news websites and through the gallery’s extensive social media outlets.  Fusion Art’s objective is to promote the Artist Spotlight winning artists, worldwide, to art professionals, gallerists, collectors and buyers.

Please read Katrin’s Artist Statement below as she describes her inspiration and process in her own words. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see her exhibition.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these award-winning pieces, or to see more of Katrin’s work, please visit her website.

Also, please visit Fusion Art’s YouTube Channel to see Katrin’s Solo Art Exhibition Video.

Thank you to all the artists who participated in the Artist Spotlight competition and congratulations to Katrin and the other Artist Spotlight winning artists.

Artist Statement

In my work, the essence and soul of man is at the center – his struggle for a vision, his utopias and abysses, his confrontation with the self and the encounter with the other. It arises both from spontaneously emerging inner images as well as from ideas about the psychic and intuitive functions of man and about his archaic driving experience. It also feeds on a state of mind and emotions, in which consciousness changes on the narrow degree between the conscious and the subconscious, revealing something like an inner myth that leaves its mark in the form of artistic work.

This process takes place in the hope that these traces, which have become visible in this way, will also touch or even infect the other, ideally a form of infection that allows the viewer to immerse himself in his own inner myth.

I work photographically with the overlay of images and/or digital image editing. Both the superimposition and the digital alienation of the images play a decisive role in my photographic work, since I am not concerned with the depiction of the found reality, but with the new imagery created by associative overlay or alienation of the original photographic image.

One might ask – does the form in which we perceive the world sensually and intuitively grasp a composition of a perception of reality and associative-projective imagination? And what exactly corresponds to reality and what corresponds to imagination? What exactly is reality and what is fantasy? Ultimately, everything is a matter of consciousness… therefore, it is probably both and at the same time, it is neither… a PARADOX… Life is just a dream of a higher AWAKENING.

The photographs are part of the series “Dream Images – Life is a Dream”, in which I deal with altered states of consciousness, as they can be experienced in dreams, delusions, ecstasy, meditation and near-death experiences, among other things. The series is comprised of 50 photographs and was taken during the time of the Corona Crisis and the Lockdown. It reflects what this crisis has caused in me.

I see this global crisis not only as an existential threat, but also as an opportunity to expand human consciousness. The pictures are mounted on Alu Dibond in the format height: 30 cm, width: 45 cm or in the format height: 45 cm, width: 30 cm. Each edition is 12 pieces and the price is 300 Euro per picture.

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