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Maximizing Profits for Artists: A Guide to Affordable Merchandising

Whether you’re an artist for fun, profit, or a mixture of both, you likely understand the importance of having sustainable income to fuel your craft. Merchandising is a great way to make money to afford future artistic endeavors and continue doing what you love.

Art and Data Loss: 5 Cybersecurity Considerations for Digital Artists

You’ve worked so hard for years to perfect your art and transition to the digital realm, so don’t let it slip away due to a lack of cybersecurity. Add these tips to your arsenal now, and you can continue to create without worry.

Overcoming Mental Blocks When Creating Art

There are many reasons why you might experience an art block. Here are 3 tips to help artists overcome these obstacles and get creating again.

Hanna Supetran Participates in “One Night in Bangkok” Special Philippine Feature

Internationally-acclaimed, award-winning artist Hanna Supetran will participate in the One Night in Bangkok showcase of Philippine art.

Loretta Ana Kaufman to Exhibit in The National Association of Women Artists 134th Annual Exhibition

Loretta Ana Kaufman’s acrylic painting “Dead Zone I:  Environment Series” will be part of NAWA’s Annual Members’ Exhibition in New York City in June 2023. 

Mastering Social Media Content Creation to Reach Art Consumers

If you want to make a living selling your art, or even if you’re just trying to build a reputation for your work, it requires marketing yourself. So, how can you master social media content to reach art consumers and build a community around your work?

3 Ways To Increase Online Sales for Your Art Business

Selling your art online is a great way to boost your sales and grow your reputation. In this article, Katie Brenneman shares 3 ways to increase online sales for your art business.

How To Monetize Your Digital Art: Tips For Artists

Wondering how to make money as a digital artist? Well, you have plenty of options. In this article, Margaret Engle shares the most effective tips and tricks to make a living from your art.

4 Reasons Why Artists Should Have an Art Website

In this first in a series of articles by Guest Blogger, Rodney Laws, we discuss the top 4 reasons why artists should have a website to maximize their online presence, brand and sales.

Hanna Supetran is selected as one of 50 Contemporary Artists to Invest In

Hanna Supetran has been selected as one of 50 Contemporary Artists to Invest In – Guide to Investing Art, 2023 Contemporary Celebrity Masters Edition.

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