Below are the Artist Pressroom submission guidelines.

  1. Artists may submit any noteworthy news and/event for promotion by the gallery.
  2. Artists must submit the information in the form of a professionally written press release with a minimum of 300 and a maximum of 600 words. The press release must include a one paragraph (not to exceed 3 sentences) biography about the artist. The press release should also include the information about the event including venue, address and dates.
  3. The gallery reserves the right to edit the press release for distribution. The artist will be sent the final draft for approval prior to distribution.
  4. Artists may submit one image to include with the press release. The image must be high quality but not exceed 2MB.
  5. Artists may include up to 2 links in the press release including their website and a link to the event webpage.
  6. Th gallery reserves the right to deny promotion of an artist’s news/event if the submission does not follow these guidelines.
  7. To submit a press release artists should email with the press release and image as attachments. The press release should be in Microsoft Word format and the image should be a JPEG. The subject line of the email should have the artist’s name and title of the press release.
  8. Artists should give the gallery at least two weeks lead time for for publishing the artist’s news/event.


Below are two links with advice and guidance on how to write an effective art event press release:

How to Write An Effective Press Release

How to Create a Press Release for Your Art Exhibition

Artists who have their news/events approved for promotion through the gallery’s outlets will be informed when the press release is live on the website.

Please email the gallery with any questions.

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