6 Podcasts All Artists Should Listen To

As an artist you’ll always want to be improving your craft. In the past, you’d have to take classes and spend money in order to start improving. While that’s still a very viable option, the world of podcasts opens up art to everyone. Here’s just some of the podcasts that you’ll want to check out, if you want to start honing your skills.

1. The Abundant Artist

Have you been told that if you want to be an artist, you’ll have to forego the idea of making a decent living? This podcast aims to dispel the myth of the ‘starving artist’, and give you more to work with. Host Cory Huff aims to share tips with you on making your art your living, and getting paid what you’re worth.

Every episode he brings in guests that have lots of ideas for you. They’ll cover things like how to track your inventory, how to license your art. With so many great ideas, you really can start making a living from your work.

2. The College Art Association

This podcast is made by the College Art Association, who have worked with artists for over 100 years. As such, they’re best placed to help you make the most of your art and get ahead in what you do.

In each episode, they’ll be sharing ideas with you such as budgeting for your work and creating a good work life balance. With so much experience behind them, you’ll be able to get a lot of good advice from this show.

3. The Living Artist

No matter what discipline of art you follow, or whether you’re an expert or just starting out, you’ll want to listen to this podcast. Host Preston M. Smith talks to other artists on the show from all walks of life, so he can show you what being an artist means to them.

They cover everything from getting ahead in the art world to just enjoying your life as an artist. It’s a show that discovers just how art shapes your life, and how you can get out there and find your own niche. It’s something that all artists should listen to.

4. The Savvy Painter

As an artist, you’re going to spend long stretches of time alone in your studio. This podcast has created a real community around it, where you can share with others and find other artists that share your interests. If you want to connect with others, this is a podcast where you can do just that.

Host Antrese Woods brings on top artists every episode to talk about what they do, and how they’ve found success. The topics they talk about range from the creative process to meditation and more. There’s so much to learn here, and the podcast is actually listed as one of the top 30 educational podcasts out there right now.

5. The Great Women Artists Podcast

There’s no denying that women artists have been neglected by history. As a woman in art, you may feel invisible. This podcasts aims to change that. Hosted by art historian Katy Hessel, she spends each episode talking to artists about the female artists that have inspired them.

You’ll get a lot of inspiration from this podcast, as they talk about the great women artists out there that helped shaped the art landscape as we know it. You’ll also get a history lesson every episode, so it’s something you can take a lot away from.

6. Beyond The Studio

This podcast was started by Nicole Mueller and Amanda Adams. As they graduated from art school and realised that there was a gap in the market for professional development for artists, they created this podcast to help others develop their skills and get ahead.

Here, they aim to be transparent and show listeners just what the art world is like. They interview other artists to get an idea of what their working world is like, and understand the work that happens when you’re not in the studio itself.

These are just a handful of the podcasts out there that you should check out. There’s so much here, and you’ll want to subscribe now so you can start listening. They’re a great way to expand your horizons and get better at what you do.

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Madeline Miller is a writer at Simple Grad, where she covers art and art news.

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