The Ultimate Art Gifting Guide for The Holidays

Art invokes a variety of emotions, from feelings of joy and pleasure to serious and deep introspection. If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give this holiday season, consider giving the important people in your life the gift of art. From original paintings and sculptures to handmade jewelry, it’s a wonderful way to provide people with an amazing gift they’ll cherish for a lifetime. Read on for a helpful art gifting guide, so you can find the arts that inspire you.

Why do we need art in our lives?

There are many reasons why art can enhance our lives, including:

●       Art surrounds us with color and beauty, making the environment a more beautiful place.

●       Art inspires introspection and causes us to think and feel more deeply.

●       Viewing various works of art can cause people to feel a variety of emotions ranging from joy and sadness to everything in between.

●       Having art in our lives inspires us to awaken our inner creativity and perhaps try something new.

The Benefits of having art at home

Having art in your home offers a range of awesome benefits.

●       Not only is art beautiful to look at, but it also sparks interesting conversations with others.

●       All art tells a story, and it’s fun to have something meaningful that you can look at and reflect on at any time.

●       Displaying art in your home adds color, unique shapes, and visual interest to any room.

●       Art is inspirational. By having it in your home, you can get inspired to reach outside of the box and try something new.

Types of arts to gift

Here are some examples of arts you can give as a gift.

Paintings: Whether it’s a beautiful landscape or an abstract design, paintings on canvas make wonderful, inspirational gifts.

Sculptures: From clay to ceramic, sculptures add shapely inspiration and unique touch to any home décor.

Pottery: Handmade pottery is a beautiful gift, especially when it’s something the recipient can use, like a handcrafted mug, vase, or bowl.

Jewelry: A ring, necklace, or bracelet handmade by an artist makes a wonderful gift for the mom, sister, or friend in your life.

Music: Give the gift of music, and you’ll have a wonderful present that keeps on giving. It’s even more meaningful if it’s music you made and recorded.

Photography: A stunning photograph makes a fantastic gift. Look for pictures taken by local photographers or choose a subject that you know the recipient will appreciate.

Tickets to an art show: You can also give the gift of observing artwork by gifting tickets to a local art show or museum.

Where to find art for gifting

There are many places to find art for gifting, including:

Online: Head online to find a vast range of options from a variety of artists. Many artists have websites where they sell their wares, while others can be contacted to make purchases through social media. There are also tons of websites that specialize in selling art, whether it’s paintings, professional photography, jewelry, sculptures, or even beautiful crafts made of cardboard.

Art events and local markets: Shopping locally makes it easy to discover incredible art you can give as a gift. Look for local art shows where many artists sell their goods to the public. You’ll also find art for sale at small galleries, festivals, and weekly markets, along with other goodies like fresh food, locally harvested honey, coffee, and more.

How to support artists by gifting art

Buying art directly from the artists themselves is the best way to show support. Here are a few examples of how you can support artists by gifting art to others.

Buy from local artists: Check out galleries, art shows, and festivals to find beautiful works of art from artists in your local area.

Donate to an artist organization: A donation can help provide studio space and supplies to artists near you who need financial support to continue their passion.

Order a customized artsy gift: Custom orders are often the lifeblood for many artists. Reach out to a few artists you like and ask them about buying a specially commissioned piece, it can be something as simple as turning a WiFi password into art, to have it hung on the wall and give an artsy touch to a friend’s home.

Promote on social media: Spread the word about artists you enjoy on social media. This is one of the best and most effective ways to support creative artists locally and worldwide by helping them grow their audience on social media and gain exposure.

Whether it’s an oil on canvas or a piece of pottery, gifting art is a beautiful gesture. Keep these tips in mind and look for inspiration both from local artists near you and online. The right piece of artwork can inspire and give the people you love a fantastic gift that will be appreciated for a lifetime.

Cassandra is a content writer at She is passionate about art, painting, sculpting, health and wellbeing, reading, writing, and music. 


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