Below please find the Sunrises & Sunseets Art Exhibition Best in Show winners.

1st-Place-BIS-22-Trad.-Rob-Buntin-“Carousel-of-Honfleur”Rob Buntin“My art is a modern exploration of classical oil on canvas. Colors layered and woven in deliberate brush strokes deliver a physiological smack to the brain, while light captured across matter and air serve to draw in and calm. I seek out cityscapes and landscapes at dusk and dawn to capture the light at its richest and most interesting moments. I am heavily influenced by the impressionist masters Monet and Signac, but I deviate from the impressionists in the deliberate nature of my work, and significant time attributed to each painting. Hours of planning color, form, and layers are followed by computer renderings, and then sketches and color studies. Every step of the process teases my mind with what is to come, until the final product stares back at me and soothes my soul in the way that I seek to give others.”

Rob Buntin is an American artist raised in the southern United States where his passion for art was apparent at a young age. His skills progressed as he initiated the first advanced placement art classes in his high school and presented perfect scores. Buntin went on to study at Furman University, in Greenville, South Carolina, where his exposure to Olof Sorensen’s love for color spawned a new dimension of artistic exploration. Despite Buntin’s focus on art, he also studied computer science, a combination of propensities that persists in his painting methodology today.

In 2006 Buntin married former Furman classmate, Nicole Judd, who shares an intense appreciation for art. Their house is plastered with paintings by their 10 year old, Marley, and their seven year old, Truus.

Buntin’s work exposes a passion for color and an intimate study of light, where landscapes and cityscapes are arresting in both color and concept. Thirty years of painting has taken him throughout the United States and Europe. His artworks have been featured in magazines and newspapers, and reside in galleries, restaurants, medical schools, government buildings, and private collections around the world. He can be found today in his studio in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

If you are interested in seeing more of Rob’s work, please visit his website.

1st-Place-BIS-16-DP.-Dennis-Maida-“Manhattan-Pink-Sky”Dennis Maida I first became interested in photography back in 2007 as a means to cope after my deployment to Iraq. I have found myself finding peace and a centering each time I pick up the camera to expose the world to what it is that I see through the lens. Although I lean heavily towards landscape and astrophotography, I do dabble with portraitures. My work has won awards, used in social media by news organizations. Most recently, Nikon USA recognized one of my photos by showcasing it on their social media pages (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) and I was the winner of the 2019 New Jersey Monthly cover contest. I have now taken this passion for photography to start a not-for-profit called The F/22 Project, a means to help veterans with PTSD seek healing through photography.

Please visit Dennis’ website if you are interested in seeing more of his work.

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