Joan Fox – Artist Spotlight Solo Art Exhibition – August 2020

Joan Fox is the Photography & Digital Artist Spotlight winning artist for the month of August 2020. She is an award-winning photographer based in Arizona, USA. Joan’s photography primarily focuses on the vital, mutually sustaining and life giving relationships between bees, pollinator insects and flowers.

Joan’s Solo Art Exhibition will be featured on the website for the month of August 2020. The gallery will promote Joan and her work on the Fusion Art website, individual online press releases to hundreds of outlets, email blasts to over 5,000+ buyers, collectors, galleries and art professionals, in online event calendars, art news websites and through the gallery’s extensive social media outlets.  Fusion Art’s objective is to promote the Artist Spotlight winning artists, worldwide, to art professionals, gallerists, collectors and buyers.

Please read Joan’s Biography below as she describes her inspiration and process in her own words. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see her exhibition.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these award-winning pieces, or to see more of Joan’s work, please visit her website.

Also, please visit Fusion Art’s YouTube Channel to see Joan’s Solo Art Exhibition Video.

Thank you to all the artists who participated in the Artist Spotlight competition and congratulations to Joan and the other Artist Spotlight winning artists.

Artist Biography

Housebound after a serious car accident, Joan Fox was led by her camera’s eye to her front and back yards and to a world of beautiful beings; she had always loved but never before fully seen. Created to inspire love for bees and pollinators and to donate to bee conservancies, her award winning photography is offered in multiple local and national venues, featured on websites, seen on nationally circulated magazine covers and as full page photographs and photo essay form in nationally distributed magazines, exhibited nationally and also shown internationally in the UK and Switzerland.

Having earned an MFA from the University of Montana, published poems and fiction in journals and anthologies, been awarded a Fiction Fellowship among other honors and had a novel excerpt nominated for a Pushcart Prize, the car accident led to Joan suffering a traumatic brain injury which rendered writing physically and cognitively difficult and no longer possible as a serious artistic pursuit. While writing had always been a necessary, daily and defining challenge, pursuing visual arts always brought her pure joy. Even as a child, Joan was always more interested in the illustrations of each book she read. A children’s book she wrote and illustrated years ago for her son has been recently published; another publisher is interested in her all-ages book, a story highlighted by Joan’s photographs and multimedia illustrations; and a photo essay has been published in a national magazine. Always primarily visually oriented—she always first saw and described the visual elements of setting in any piece of writing—Joan’s visual acuity sharpened to the point where even hearing a word is primarily a visual picture in her mind.

Due to that car accident and traumatic brain injury, photography is Joan’s major love, primary focus and means of expression today. With photography, she feels she has come home to her true self. Photography is the medium finally allowing her to follow and express her greatest beliefs about God’s Creation as expressed in the lines of one of her favorite poems: “He prayeth best, who loveth best, All things, both great and small, For the dear God who loveth us, He made and loveth all.” (Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

No longer able to complete her novel after the car accident, Joan retained her faith and belief in prayer and miracles. Returned to that young child who loved above all else to wander the flowered fields of the world, Joan Fox may have lost writing but gained far beyond what words used to give her.

The visual elements of setting continue to be a primary force informing Joan’s work. The colors of flowers were created ages ago to attract pollinator insects necessary for the continuance of life, and Joan’s photography primarily focuses on the vital and mutually sustaining and life giving relationships between bees, pollinator insects and flowers. She endeavors, with each image, to reveal the relationships between bees, pollinator insects and flowers in their natural settings, to show not only how she sees these beautiful beings, but also how they see and are seen. Her digital photography RAW images are minimally developed in Photoshop to translate the colors of light to the colors of print and printed with archival inks on archival photo rag paper.

With her camera’s eye as a guide, her goal is to render reverent works of the relationships between pollinators and plants and to reveal color as a primary participant in these relationships. Ultimately, her work positions color as a principle of communication that informs and participates in the creation and sustenance of life. Flowers and their bee and insect pollinators have brief lives. Moved to tears viewing one of the departed bees in her photographs, she realized that the bee is with God, and so are we. She came close to losing her life in the accident, but has total faith that death is not the end, and that there is no point in fighting to be here unless she is also staying as close to God and His Love and Miracles as possible; photography allows her entrance to that Reverence.

Joan is taught and mentored by her father, the photographer Chuck Fox, whose visionary work is her primary lifelong influence. Even as a young child she knew that all his images were saturated in love; that love was the great source; and, it is that Love which never dies that she endeavors to reveal in each of her photographs of God’s small and beautiful creations.

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