Fusion Art Announces the “A Day in the Life” Series of Artist Showcases

Fusion Art is thrilled to announce the launch of its “A Day in the Life” series.  In this new series of Artist Showcases, Fusion Art will reveal the “typical” day of many of its award-winning artists.

What is it like to be an artist? What is a typical day like for artists as they pursue their passion of creating art?

There are no right or wrong answers to the above questions. Whether an artist is new, emerging, full-time, part-time, hobbyist or professional, the practice of being an artist is more than just creating art.

All artists have their own routines and processes.  They have their inspirations, their motivations, their rituals and their challenges.  Join Fusion Art as we get a glimpse into the daily lives of many of our top winning artists.

Beginning in May, each month the gallery will select and present a different artist with an “A Day in the Life” feature.  The feature will include the answers to 12 questions about the artist, their art and their “typical” day as we take a peek into their lives.  

The introduction of this series is another way Fusion Art is expanding the promotion opportunities for many of its top winning artists.  Look for the first feature on the website sometime in May 2020. 

In addition, look for another announcement in late May regarding Fusion Art’s new Featured Artist Membership program, which will launch in July in honor of the gallery’s 5th Anniversary.

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