Ehm Van Houle – Artist Spotlight Solo Art Exhibition – May 2021

Ehm Van Houle is the Photography & Digital Artist Spotlight winning artist for the month of May 2021. Ehm is an award-winning artist based in Massachusetts, USA.

Ehm’s Solo Art Exhibition will be featured on the website for the month of May 2021. The gallery will promote Ehm and her work on the Fusion Art website, individual online press releases to hundreds of outlets, email blasts to over 6,000+ buyers, collectors, galleries and art professionals, in online event calendars, art news websites and through the gallery’s extensive social media outlets.  Fusion Art’s objective is to promote the Artist Spotlight winning artists, worldwide, to art professionals, gallerists, collectors and buyers.

Please read Ehm’s Biography and Artist Statement below as she describes her history and inspiration in her own words. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see her exhibition.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these award-winning pieces, or to see more of Ehm’s work, please visit her website.

Also, please visit Fusion Art’s YouTube Channel to see Ehm’s Solo Art Exhibition Video.

Thank you to all the artists who participated in the Artist Spotlight competition and congratulations to Ehm and the other Artist Spotlight winning artists.

Artist Biography

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Ehm Van Houle remains a lifelong resident of New England, only briefly living abroad before crossing the border into New Hampshire. At the age of eight, Ehm received her first camera, and with the exception of one introductory photography class at 19, she is self-taught. With almost 40 years of intermittent experience as an amateur, most of her work is accomplished on personal trips around the world.

Inspired by her remote adventures and the randomness of life, Ehm is drawn to the magic of the potential in any given moment. Most everything that she photographs is unplanned; rather, she prefers to look for subjects that present themselves to her and work around their circumstances.

Artist Statement

Inspired by the photography and adventure within the pages of National Geographic, and driven from an early age to photograph nature, a lifelong dream was realized when I traveled to Tanzania to take stills of some of the most spectacular animals on this planet. It was my first meaningful and sustained challenge to capture images that might finally satisfy my desire for the perfect shot, which is the perpetual inspiration that continuously drives me forward. Up before dawn and returning just at dusk, every moment’s sole focus was to reveal the uniqueness of each day and expose what comes naturally when fear of man is not a factor.

Wildlife and their habitat are dwindling around the world. When words are falling short and fail to make the connection to far off plights because the distance between people and problems are too great, what is left? My answer is images. They are a lasting and intimate reminder capable of bringing the viewer into closer proximity to what we all stand to lose. Capturing the uniqueness of these creatures is my way of honoring the special place that they hold in this world and the fragility of it all … even the predator.

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