6th Annual Waterscapes Best in Show Winners – May 2021

Visit the 6th Annual Waterscapes Art Exhibition HERE.

Best in Show (Traditional) – Joseph A. Miller – “After II” – oil on paper on panel

Best in Show (Traditional) Joseph A. MillerI have always been inclined to pursue art in a manner, which emphasizes drawing and a concern for naturalism. I focus primarily on the human figure depicted in environments that create a context for psychologically charged, open-ended narratives. Many of these narratives explore ideas about power and vulnerability.

Images of figures or figures in landscapes, in groups or in isolation, share a common feeling of significance. Wholly absorbed within themselves or the dialogue shared between one another, they wait for the unfolding of their private story.

To see more of Joseph’s work, visit his website.          

Best in Show (Photography & Digital) – Jeremy Janus – “Waterfalls and Canyon Walls” – metal infused digital photography print

Best in Show (Photography & Digital) Jeremy JanusI grew up living the city life in southern California. When I moved to Colorado at 18, I dealt with depression, anxiety, and suicide contemplation. It was during this period that I found nature and art, which intertwined to help heal my soul during the darkest years of my life. In 2016, I decided to purchase my first dSLR camera and have been shooting and sharing my adventures in nature since then. My aspiration is to be an inspiration for others to follow, a light in the darkness, and show people the beauty of this world. I have been fortunate to exhibit in over 40 galleries, museums, and exhibits since the latter part of 2019.

To see more of Jeremy’s work, visit his website.        

Best in Show (3 Dimensional) – Susan Amorde – “Deconstructed Justice” – mixed media

Best in Show (3-Dimensional) Susan AmordeSusan Amorde is a Los Angeles based sculptor, born in Washington, D.C., with BFA from California State University, Long Beach. Through her art, she connects personal experiences to the underlying beliefs and values driving our culture. Amorde looks at the emotional significance, as well as defining concepts, and then translates them into a visual commentary through material, media and methods. She is interested in metaphorically representing human emotions and present-day issues— both literally and conceptually.

Susan is meticulous about her materials and carefully considers all aspects of the elements that comprise her artworks. Nothing is arbitrary or left to chance. Every choice from gesture to texture to genre is driven by its inherent meaning; visual, historical and conceptual significance and contribution to the message of each piece.

These works are conceptual sculptures that are part of a larger series on universal, political and personal Baggage. They are made with carefully chosen vintage suitcases and antique brass portholes, as well as water and mixed media that invites the viewer to peer into the soul of issues related to water, societal and personal baggage in a womb like atmosphere. Water is one of our most valuable resources. We must not squander time; drown that knowledge or justice for our nation and planet.

Contemporary culture, with all its foibles and triumphs, provides the foundation for her examination, critique, documentation, and celebration of life. Susan Amorde’s work is driven by optimism for what we can be, juxtaposed with the ideas and events that shape our lives.

To see more of Susan’s work, visit her website.


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