6th Annual Colorful Abstractions Best in Show Winners – December 2020

Best in Show (Traditional) – Hannelore Fischer – “Intersection 5” – acrylic on canvas

19-trad.-Hannelore-Fischer-Intersection-5-ypHannelore Fischer started her art career in Munich, Germany where she exhibited watercolors, etchings and pencil drawings. After immigrating to the United States in 1978, she continued her work as a graphic artist, illustrator and fine artist.

In 1987, she began her formal art training at the Sacramento City College focusing on painting, ceramics and printmaking. In 1994, she continued her fine art undergraduate studies at the UC Davis Art Department with Wayne Thiebaud, Mike Henderson and Squeak Carnwath, and mural painting with Malaquias Montoya. Her murals can be seen in Vacaville, Sacramento, Woodland, Oakland and Vallejo, California. She graduated with a BFA from UC Davis in 1998 with highest honors. In 2000, she entered the Master’s Program in Fine Art at John F. Kennedy University in Berkeley. She engaged deeply with Transformative Art practices, which created a shift in the way she views and experiences the world. In 2004, Hannelore graduated from JFKU with a Master’s Degree in Studio Art with focus on abstract painting.

Her paintings are inspired by nature. She creates visionary abstracts and landscapes in vivid colors, fluid gesture and pronounced texture. Hannelore’s painting process is a reductive method where she applies acrylic paint mixed with clear acrylic medium in washes, gestural brush strokes, and varying stipple techniques, then washes the paint application away at various stages of dryness, partially exposing previous marks. With repeated overlapping of shapes in dynamic interplay of colors, she fuses outer with inner reality.

Her imagery is often reminiscent of an otherworld, of microscopic cell structures or faraway galaxies. With her intuitive and meditative paintings, she strives to inspire the viewer and infuse harmony and beauty into her work as a celebration of life. She has exhibited her work in California and Oregon with enthusiastic response.

Please visit Hannelore’s website if you are interested in seeing more of her work.  Visit the 6th Colorful Abstractions Exhibition HERE.

Best in Show (Photography & Digital) – Y. Hope Osborn – “Cosmos” – digitally manipulated photography

10-dp.-Y.-Hope-Osborn-Cosmos-bArtist Biography: Y. Hope Osborn earns an MA summa cum laude in Professional and Technical Writing with Creative Nonfiction emphasis this month. Her education included valuable lessons in document design, website development, and Creative Cloud Suite, feeding her passion for photography. She seeks elusive great Captures and sometimes the creative twist to illustrate documents and web and promote art itself.

Hope began photography as a child with a 110mm camera. Without art education or photographer training, my experience grew with time and freedom from expectation. Only an expensive hobby then, digital cameras gave her freedom to fully engage in artistic perspective and imagination. She doesn’t mind amusing bystanders as she crouches for architectural angles or lies down for diminutive clover.

Despite her lifelong interest in capturing life, Hope only turned her passion professional in 2019 with competitions and exhibits and honing digital artistry and creative instinct. She shares her perspectives in social media, publications, and exhibits, such as in Portland, Oregon’s Black Box Gallery and Little Rock, Arkansas’ The Rep Artworks.

In June, Fusion Art honored her with a solo spotlight exhibit, and she has awards from competitions through Fusion Art; Black Box Gallery; Light, Space and Time; Art-Competition; Contemporary Art Gallery Online; J. Mane Gallery; Contemporary Art Room Gallery; and Monovisions. She continues to receive acceptances to publish both writing and photography.

Artist Statement: I am inspired by the poetry of alternative music, my colorful garden, my red feeder’s flitting hummingbirds, and textured architecture. I am inspired looking over my patio from my blue Edwardian sofa and over a valley of autumn-splendored trees from a hilltop. In the inspirations of daily life and rare jaunts farther afield, despite ill health and energy, I capture life to relax; remember; and, more recently in colorful abstracts, imagine worlds from and within my world.

Blessed with an artist’s heart and mind, I take my pictures, keeping and sharing, hoping you see my life and art for the opportunity to reach for things thought beyond your grasp to do or be, whether limited by discouraging words, poor health, marginal finances, unemployment, or life-shattering pandemic. Take a breath. Stay a moment. Find inspiration, as I do mine, through a medium you may appreciate life adapting around you or worlds awaiting within a sparkling twist on tulips.

I take photographs on a non-professional camera or my iPhone not just, because I am literally a starving artist, but because too much gear or too much perfectionism may hinder my movement. I may miss the rare moments when an unending monotonous valley of summer green is lit up by sun and shadowed by cloud to show hills and hillocks and reflect green variance and blue water. I use a variety of photography apps to show you what I see in life and imagination.

Photography is God’s gift of respite from a frantic world and restless thoughts. Being an artist is to be entrusted to express reality and imagination in ways that captivate, inspire, or inform to enrich lives.

Please visit Hope’s website if you are interested in seeing more of her work. Visit the 6th Colorful Abstractions Exhibition HERE.

Best in Show (3 Dimensional) – Cynthia Correia – “Archway Shadows” – latex on wood

5-3D.-Cynthia-Correia-Archway-Shadows-bCynthia Correia is a bold colorist and minimalist. Her dimensional paintings move you outside the lines and draw you deeper into her work. She uses color, shape, additive and subtractive measures to stimulate an emotional response.

She was influenced and inspired early on by Frank Stella and Josef Albers without understanding the impact color would have on the rest of her life. Inspired by unexpected color combinations she saw in nature and by her experience as a graphic designer and builder, she began painting on wood to express her passion for color and 3-dimensional art.

Please visit Cynthia’s website if you are interested in seeing more of her work. Visit the 6th Colorful Abstractions Exhibition HERE.


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