5th Annual Cityscapes Featured Artists & Best in Show Winners

Best in Show (Traditional) – Catherine M. Boyer – “Cable Car” – Oil

1st-Place-BIS-3-trad.-Catherine-M-Boyer-Cable-Car-bStalking moments is a phrase I use to describe my search for beauty of a fleeting nature. Stemming from a childhood interest in the natural world, I was always looking, sensing and recording what I saw in drawings, snapshots of the beauty around me. Drawers and cabinets spilled over with drawings, a testament to this curiosity.

Originally, my process was to capture landscape en plein air. This practice posed many obstacles. The work was necessarily small, completed quickly due to the circumstances of the changing light. I learned to commit to a composition and make a painting quickly.

Later, I began to paint urban scenes plein air. Continuing with this subject matter and working from reference, I developed these images in scale, concept and detail. I asked myself more questions. What was important about this scene? Was it purely aesthetic? Was it a social observation?

While mastering technique is important, and requires ongoing commitment, delving further into inquiry of this nature has taken precedence. Recording beauty of the landscape is my joy and brings me close to the essence of living things. Further style definition comes with inward probing. I’m delighted to be having this conversation within myself and with you.

To see more of Catherine’s work, please visit her website.  See the full Cityscapes HERE.

Best in Show (Photography & Digital) – Lynne Deutch – “New York 6066” – photography

1st-Place-BIS-40-dp.-Lynne-Deutch-New-York-6066-cThe works of Lynne Deutch are studies in spontaneity and spirit. Lynne would consider herself an artist and travel photographer. Her photography focuses on capturing life as it might appear every day; rugged, demanding, and joyful. Her travels have taken her to Kenya, Burma, the Galapagos Islands, and even Antarctica, each trip cementing her love of exploration and fascination with humanity.

The adventurous travel that Lynne enjoys leads to images that are often unusual but always fascinating. Her subjects range from personal studies of villagers, vast penguin colonies, and chaotic city life to the abstract compositions of remote sea ice.

When photographing people, she captures her subjects in their most natural state; sometimes working, other times playing. When her subjects are not human, Lynne accentuates the most interesting aspects, focusing on texture and composition. Lynne creates images that are unique by portraying her subjects in ways that people might not imagine.

To see more of Lynne’s work, please visit her website. See the full Cityscapes HERE.

Best in Show (3 Dimensional) – Tony Gangitano – “Urban Identity Transformation” – black and white marble, steel, wood

1st-Place-BIS-4-3d.-Tony-Gangitano-Urban-Identity-Transformation-bTony received a Bachelor’s of Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia and returned to work in New York City. He moved to San Diego CA to study art. Fine Art was his first language.

Independent study/travel in many countries led Tony to Italy, where he lived and worked as a sculptor for two years. He was employed as an intern in ceramic and bronze with sculptor Alberto Ricci in Rome, then did internships and independent study of stone carving at Studio Sem and bronze casting at Tommasi Foundry, both in Pietra Santa, Italy.

Upon returning to California, he pursued a Masters of Art at San Diego State University. There he continued his love of carving stone and casting bronze and also explored more conceptual sculptures and site-specific installations. Tony’s work has been exhibited in group shows and featured artist shows in Europe and the United States.

Tony is a creative, high energy, conceptually oriented sculptor. His current work is fresh and exciting, incorporating thoughtful concepts. His work is about the integration of aesthetic form and emotional and intellectual content. The evolution of his art has progressed on confluent paths. Traditional figurative merged with abstract style. He employs archetypal images that communicate the essential commonalities of our human condition and experience. These images, combined with the juxtaposition and dialog created between figures, shapes, and materials, provoke visual, visceral, and intellectual interaction with the viewer.

To see more of Tony’s work, please visit his website. See the full Cityscapes HERE.


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