4th Annual Colors Featured Artists & Best in Show Winners

Below please find the 4th Annual Colors Art Exhibition Best in Show winners and Featured Artists for the month of March 2020.

Best in Show

Anthony R. Wheilihan

As a portrait artist, I believe everyone shows their life on their face. From past experiences to the present, and even some of the future. The face is an expression of the experiences of ones self, or lack there of. I have always used bold primary color in my work. Color can alter mood and excite the imagination, enticing the viewer to look beyond the surface. The portrait takes center stage with images emerging from within, fading and evolving into another. Look close, then look again, as what you first see may be but a fragment of the story being told. Learning to look, is the vision to see.

If you are interested in seeing more of Anthony’s work, please email him directly.  Visit the 4th Annual Colors Exhibition here.




Best in Show
Photography & Digital Art

Carmen Teixidor

Born and raised in France, I immigrated to the US in my early twenties. I have lived in New York since then.

I started as a sculptress of life-size sculptures, then switched to photography and video. Even though my work is photo based I now work almost exclusively on my computer. My artistic practice has evolved with the various materials I have used, from plaster and chicken wire to my digital tools.

I explore the full potential of all my materials and tools until they lead me to unknown places in an endless proceess of discovery.

Please visit Carmen’s website if you are interested in seeing more of her work. Visit the 4th Annual Colors Art Exhibition here.


Image of a scupture of a multi colored lion standing on a step

Best in Show

Rose M. Peltier

Rose lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and works out of her Studio just outside of Escanaba. She has always had an interest in art and is self taught. She began sewing at a young age and continues today creating art quilts, handbags, clothing, jewelry and fiber art. She joined a local theater group and designed costumes for many of their productions. Rose is the owner of Superior Quilting, llc, is a member of the Bonifas Art Center, East Ludington Art Gallery and the Bay de Noc Quilt Guild. She has taught, held workshops, lectures, designed patterns and dyes fabric for use in her projects. She has won numerous awards for her quilting and fiber art. Rose continues to challenge herself and is inspired by all that surrounds her and by those who share their craft. Her style and interest is continually evolving and with an open mind, heart and spirit, her creative exploration continues.

Rose’s entry “Marley” was her first sculpture, completing it in 2017. It took nine months to complete after researching skeletal and muscular structure, tools and materials, designing, creating the pattern, carving, application of fabric and the final touches. The body is constructed with foam, muslin, gesso, wood, leather and snippets of fabrics. The mane consists of 4,500 fabric tubes made individually then applied and the eyes are created with leather and 1″ marbles.

Rose is currently working on a new technique that she is calling ART Squared(c) which is represented by the entry “Fall”. This technique is created by cutting fabric into very small squares (1/8″ x 1/8″) and using it much like you would paint. A drawing is done on canvas or other material, glue is applied and then the squares, giving the piece an impressionistic appearance.

Rose’s final piece titled “Spirals” is a study in creating fiber art with fabric. In addition to the spirals, fabric tubes were wrapped in a continuous fashion to create large circles of color.

Please email Rose directly if you are interested in seeing more of her work. Visit the 4th Annual Colors Art Exhibition here.

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