Western Art Best in Show Winners

To contact these Best in Show artists directly for purchase inquiries or to see more of their work, please visit the Western Art Exhibition page for contact information.

Congratulations again to the winners and thank you for sharing your talent with us.

Best in Show (Traditional) – Kathy Paulus – “The Patriot” – pastel

1st-BIS-22-trad.-Kathy-Paulus-The-Patriot-.bKathy Paulus resides in Moreno Valley, California. She worked for 23 years as an Infant Specialist with children with disabilities from birth to 3 years. She started her art career after retiring in her early 50’s.

Kathy considers herself a self-taught artist specializing in pastel work and scratchboard. She specializes in domestic/wild animal portraits and still life subjects. She enjoys realism and the challenge to capture the real beauty in animals. She has a special love for horses and all wild cats.

Kathy has done many commissioned animal portraits and enjoys the joy it brings to a devoted pet owner. She is also a scratchboard artist and she became a member of the International Society of Scratchboard Artist in 2018. Scratchboard art enables her to achieve fine detail in realism in her animal studies. She alternates working with pastels and scratch work.

She is an active member of the Redlands Art Association in Redlands, California and Yucaipa Vision Quest Art Association in Yucaipa, California. She is involved in Paint My Photo, an international group of artist and photographers. She is also involved in many online groups as well. She enjoys teaching in workshops and sharing the knowledge she has developed through the years in the area of pastels and scratch art. She enters many local and international art shows and has won many awards for her pastel work and Scratchboard art.

To learn more about Kathy and to see more of her work, visit her Facebook Page.

Best in Show (Photography & Digital) – Judy Belleci – “A Time to gather …” – photography

1st-BIS-3-dp.-Judy-Belleci-A-Time-to-gather-...-bJudy Belleci is FootePrint Art … By definition a footprint is a mark left behind; an impression of the ‘sole’ of a person; a vestige … Thus is FootePrint Art. Judy creates and presents her art as an outward expression of her passions and character. Her style is clean simplicity … Judy is first an artist — her heart, her soul, and her eyes. with photography Judy prefers the quick and uncomplicated ability to create something with the click of the shutter. however, that is only the beginning for her. then she launches into her creative process in which she finds so much joy and elation. and then there are the results … zen; that contemplation of one’s essential nature to the exclusion of all else. Judy’s heart and creativity are her way of expressing harmony and a sense of the divine order of our universe.

To learn more about Judy and to see more of her work, visit her website.  

Best in Show (3-Dimensional) – Robert Seliger – “Teton Starry Night” – mixed media hand carved table

1-3d.-Robert-Seliger-Teton-Starry-Night-hand-carved-tableAn award-winning furniture designer, Robert Seliger has spent the last 20 years pushing the boundaries of his craft and expanding his sources of inspiration from dreams and visions. Artistic talent surfaced at a young age winning numerous national awards, then studying architecture in college and taking many workshops at the Anderson Ranch art school. From original copyrighted designs, Seliger creates each multimedia piece with hand-selected hardwoods, exotic accent materials, traditional joinery, and a multi-layered hand-rubbed finish. Each piece is signed by the artist, with clientele around the globe Singapore, Dubai, Zurich, Moscow, Toyko, and all points in between.

To learn more about Robert and to see more of his work, visit his website.


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