Ways to Support & Stay Engaged in the Arts during Covid-19

We are all feeling the impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.  It is an unprecedented time for everyone and artists and the arts community are just as dramatically impacted as all other sectors of the economy.

Although in recent years, artists have been making the shift to bring their art businesses online, there will likely be an increase in this art business model as we all adjust to what people are calling “the new normal”. 

What that is, exactly, we don’t know yet. However, while it unfolds, there are numerous ways we can all stay engaged and support the arts and each other during this time.  Below are just a few.

Take an Online Art Class

Many universities, art teachers and artists are offering free online art classes right now. From Art History to painting, drawing and photography classes, there is something for everyone to get inspired, continue creating and maybe even learn something new.

Take a Virtual Museum or Art Gallery Tour

It is important to remain inspired and active during this time of self-imposed isolation. Museums and art galleries from around the world are now offering online virtual tours. Google your favorite gallery or museum and you will likely find most of their exhibitions available for online viewing.

Stay Connected with Family, Friends and Art Community

Everyone at this time could use connection and support from their circle of family, friends and art community. Just because we are confined to the house doesn’t mean we can’t show your our to others.  Keeping active on social media is a good way to connect with other artists as well as collectors. It is important to keep your art in the forefront of other’s minds so that when this is over, or even before, you might be able to generate some sales.

Participate on Online Art Exhibitions

Most arts organizations and venues, from museums to both large and small art galleries, have moved their art exhibitions online.  Many are hosting art competitions to keep artists engaged. Participation in art competitions and exhibitions are a way to keep us inspired and motivated to keep creating art even while we are isolated and social distancing.

If You Can Afford it – Buy Art or Donate to an Art’s Organization

If you are in a position financially, consider buying that piece of art you’ve been eying. It will help the artist tremendously. Also, consider donating to arts’ organizations that are helping artists.  Numerous local, national and international organizations are offering assistance to artists who find themselves in a financial bind.

Similarly, if you are an artist that needs assistance, don’t be ashamed to reach out. Numerous organizations are now offering grants for artists and emergency relief funds. Many are geared specifically for artists and the arts community, including the National Endowment for the Arts, which has created an extensive list of resources for artists. Apply for any and all programs for which you think you might qualify. The worst that can happen is they can say no.

The above a just a handful of ways artists can keep engaged and both give and find support during this difficult time.  Despite the social distancing requirements this pandemic has imposed, we can still inspire and support one another in many ways.

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