7 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Art and Build Your Brand

Online marketing and promotion is essential for artists today. One of the easiest ways for artists to get their work in front of as many eyes a possible is to promote it on social media.

There are numerous social media networks but some of the most effective art marketing and promotion are done on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Below are 7 best practices for using social media to promote your art and your brand:

  1. Setting up your social media accounts/pages is just as important as your website as many people will initially find you on social media before visiting your website. When your social media account is set up make sure that all of your information is complete and well written. Think of this page or your profile as a business brochure.  Whenever possible, have links to your website, contact information and alternative ways for people to find you. Always upload an up-to-date “professional” picture of yourself and/or your logo so people are able to recognize you and your brand. 
  2. Set aside some time each day to visit your social media pages and do some housekeeping. Read any new messages and post any updates you have about you and your art.  Return your messages and comments promptly. It doesn’t take long – a ½ hour a day is all you need to devote to this and it keeps your audience engaged.
  3. Always reply back to someone who has sent to you a post or comment and acknowledge it in some form. If someone makes a comment on your art, reply with a “like”, a thank you and/or comment of your own.  Thanking people for their comments, thoughts or interest is always appreciated and shows your appreciation as well.  Always be responsive if they ask questions and get back to them with an answer in a timely manner. 
  4. If someone tries to engage you with some form of negativity and/or criticizes your art, don’t take the bait! Ignore it and move on.  If they persist in this behavior, you may have to unfriend them, block them or report them.  Whatever you do, don’t engage yourself with someone like this as you will not win and will only waste your time. Art is subjective and not everyone will like your art. Some people are just looking to cause controversy and sling insults and being a part of this type of behavior will only hurt your brand. Stay above it and don’t take it to heart.
  5. Neatness counts. By this I mean, shortcuts, abbreviations and poor spelling. Although this may be acceptable in some forms of social media, when promoting your art and your brand, this is not the place to take shortcuts. Again, this is your “company brochure” and it is an important part of your marketing and brand development.
  6. Engage your followers with information, content and ideas. If you read or see something that you think your followers might be interested in, post it on your page or share it. When someone shares one of your posts, comment and thank them for it.  They will remember you and follow you more closely because of your attention. Be enthusiastically passionate about your both your art and others and share all of it on your social pages. 
  7. Try to develop connections and relationships with people rather than just advertising and promoting your art. Don’t spam people. There is nothing worse than getting bombarded by people who have something to sell you on social media. Clearly your goal is to promote and sell your art, but be judicious about how you post. You want to generate interest in your art and sharing it professionally and respectfully, will garner you more followers, fans and potential buyers/collectors.

Remember that you are on social media to network with other people and promote your art and brand. Follow these social media etiquette recommendations and over time you will become a friend, follower, expert and participant who people want to engage with and, ideally, buy from.  Utilizing these recommendations, along with your other art marketing and promotions in order to help create a buzz and interest for your art.

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