6 Marketing Ideas to Help Artists Gain Exposure

Coming up with new and fresh ideas to gain the attention of your art clients can no doubt be challenging. In an area where competition for attention is so fierce, it is essential to have good marketing ideas. Over the rest of this article, we will go over a few basic tips and tricks to help your art marketing campaign stand out.

  1. Create a Livestream from the Studio

 For those who have sufficient social media followers, one of the best ways to gain attention is to live stream the creative process. Of course, how well this works depends largely on the medium and type of art an individual is creating. Nonetheless, showing people the artistic process in action in an excellent way to raise awareness and attract attention. In the covid world, where people are staying indoors and online more than ever before, people have a lot more time to view things like livestreams. When creating a livestream, it is crucial to have a camera and microphone that will deliver adequate sound and video quality.

  1. Create Art Demos and Seminars

 Similar to the live stream, creating free art demos and seminars is another great way to attract attention. Once again, people are staying indoors and online more than ever before, and many people are interested in taking up a new hobby such as painting or sculpting. Running demos and seminars work especially well if the artist is already set up from live streaming in the studio.

  1. Network with Other Artist for Live Showings

One of the best ways to get new potential clients is by networking with other artists in the area and holding live showings. These showings don’t have to be large events, and in most cases, they can be put on fairly inexpensively. Live showings give people something to do, and if properly advertised, it is possible to attract a decent crowd depending on how the marketing campaign is done. Although some areas may make live gatherings and events difficult these days, it is still an excellent way to gain attention and exposure.

  1. Create a Raffle or Giveaway

One of the best ways to create buzz and attention is by hosting a raffle or giveaway of an art piece. The success of this method depends heavily on picking the right piece of artwork to hold as a prize. Once the right piece is decided upon, the next step is to pick how long the raffle or giveaway will be open. In most cases, it is best to give people at least 10 days to enter. When entering individuals, be sure to take down their contact information so it is easy to inform them when it is time to name a winner.

  1. Team Up With a Charity

Another great way to gain exposure is by teaming up with a charity or humanitarian cause. By doing this, artists can agree to give a portion of the proceeds from their art sales to a particular cause. When this is done, the artist effectively opens themselves up to a completely new audience who may be extra motivated to make a purchase if it means they are supporting a cause or charitable event.

Even if it doesn’t increase sales right away, it greatly helps with exposure. Each year it is possible to team up with a new project or charity, thus further increasing an artist’s reach and exposure.

  1. Participate In Social Media Art Groups

The idea of the artist being someone out of reach is an old concept. These days, people like to interact and speak with the people they follow, and there is no better way to do this than social media. Not only does this offer artists a direct link to potential buyers, it also helps them gain traction in the art enthusiast community. When an artist does this, it is best to pick an art community that will best receive their work to ensure that their time and effort is not spent in vain.

Guest Blogger: Michael Dehoyos is an art marketing specialist and editor at Essay Writing Service. When he isn’t writing, Michael spends his time assisting companies with creating and implementing marketing strategies. Beyond this, he has been a writing contributor to a number of websites and publications.


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