Fusion Art Adds AI Art Category

Fusion Art has a new art category for consideration in its online art competitions.  In response to the rise in the number of creators who produce AI generated/enhanced artwork, the gallery has decided to add a separate AI Art Category to allow these creators the opportunity to participate in the gallery’s monthly and quarterly online art competitions.

AI art (artificial intelligence art) is artwork created with the assistance of generative AI and/or enhanced with AI tools.

Currently the gallery judges and grants awards in three categories – Traditional Art, Photography & Digital Art and 3-Dimensional Art.  Adding this fourth category will allow artists who use AI programs to generate and/or enhance their artwork to compete in the gallery’s competitions without pitting them against traditional artists, digital artists and photographers.

In our constantly changing world, where technology is rapidly progressing and digital processes have become major vehicles for art, it is inevitable that new ways of digital creation have formed. While AI art is still very much in its infancy in the mainstream, it is a new media that has and will continue to influence the creation of art. Whether a person agrees with the ethical implications or not, AI-generated artwork cannot be ignored. It is here and will continue to expand in the art world.

While we understand and respect that traditional artists and photographers have very strong opinions about AI generated art, the gallery’s mission has always been to give all artists the opportunity to compete in its competitions.

However, it is not fair for traditional 2D and 3D artists, digital artists and photographers to compete and be judged against AI generated artwork. The decision to add this new category is to allow these artists to compete while protecting the traditions and practices of traditional artists and photographers as well as the integrity of the gallery’s exhibitions.

The gallery is now accepting entries in this category starting with its 9th Annual Artist’s Choice Art Competition.

The AI Art that is acceptable for consideration can be created with the assistance of generative AI and/or enhanced with AI tools. However, it must be created with using the artist’s own original artwork as a base. It can be enhanced using AI tools but CANNOT be 100% AI generated. It will be judged and placed in its own separate category and will not be judged against traditional art, digital art, photography or 3D art. 

You can find our general competition guidelines HERE.

We ask artists who use AI in their artwork to be honest and enter it in this new category only.  Thank you.

Our subsidiary gallery, the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery has also added an AI art category to its monthly competitions.  Please visit the LST website to see the current competitions accepting entries.


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