Fusion Featured Artist Membership

Fusion Art is thrilled to announce a new Featured Artist Membership program.

As we continue to grow and discover more and more talented artists around the world, we strive to find new ways to expand our promotion efforts on their behalf.

This new non-exclusive, curated Featured Artist Membership will give artists an opportunity to receive ongoing promotion all year long.

This opportunity is open to artists worldwide over the age of 18 who have a cohesive body of work to present.

This opportunity is open to artists worldwide over the age of 18 who, like our Artist Spotlight Series, have a cohesive body of work to present. However, unlike Artist Spotlight, in which artists receive a one month-long solo art exhibition on the website, this Featured Artist Membership will give artists an entire year of ongoing online, email and social media promotion.

The goal of this new Fusion Artist Membership is to provide even more promotion opportunities for emerging, mid-career and professional artists.

Benefits of becoming a Fusion Art Featured Artist Member:

  • One year gallery membership that is renewable annually on the anniversary of becoming a member
  • Upon renewal, the artist member can change out their body of work with new works and update their biography and/or artist statement
  • The Featured Artist Member will receive a dedicated webpage on Fusion Art’s Members Gallery website.
  • The artist’s webpage will be linked to the main Fusion Art website so they will receive featured promotion through 2 websites
  • All Fusion Art Featured Artist Members will be marketed and promoted extensively through the gallery’s 2 websites, online press release announcements, email marketing campaigns to over 8,500 buyers, collectors, galleries and art professionals, online event calendars, through art news websites including ARTFIXdaily, Artweek, Art Guide and Art.base.co and through our extensive and continually growing social media network.
  • In each newsletter, 2 of the Gallery Member Artists will be featured and promoted.
  • Member Artists will receive member only invitations for special art competitions and exhibitions throughout the year.
  • Each Wednesday, an Artist Member will be randomly selected and promoted throughout all of Fusion Art’s Social Media networks
  • Best in Show winners of our monthly exhibitions are now able to choose between the option of a cash prize or a complimentary one-year membership as part of their award package, as long as they meet the eligibility listed below.
  • Best in Show winners of our quarterly art exhibitions now receive a complimentary one-year membership as part of their award package, as long as they meet the eligibility listed below.
  • Artist Spotlight winners will be allowed to upgrade their month-long Solo Art Exhibition to a Featured Artist Membership by paying the difference between the Artist Spotlight entry fee and the Featured Artist Membership fee, as long as they meet the eligibility listed below.
  • The Featured Artist Membership webpage will refer all interested parties to the Artist’s main website and all purchase inquires will be referred directly to the artist for negotiation and sale. Fusion Art does not collect a commission on any sales.

While our monthly, quarterly and Artist Spotlight online art competitions do not require an artist have a website, it is strongly recommended. Artists who are serious about advancing their careers should have an online presence that includes a well-designed and user friendly website, not just social media profiles.

Therefore, even though Best in Show and/or Artist Spotlight winners will receive a one-year membership as part of their award package, if the Best in Show and/or Artist Spotlight winner does not have a website, they will not be able to take advantage of the award.  If a Best in Show winner is already a member, their one-year free or upgraded membership will apply upon the expiration of the current year.

Each dedicated Fusion Artist Member’s page will include:

  • A short paragraph introduction about the Artist written by the gallery.
  • A no more than 100 word Artist Biography written in the 3rd person.
  • A no more than 100 word Artist Statement, written in the 1st person, about the body of work being featured including their inspiration and process for the creation of their work.
  • 8 images of the Artist’s work that will be featured on the page
  • A URL link to the Artist’s website and up to 2 additional links to other websites where the artists show their work, including social media sites.
  • Upon renewal of the Artist’s Membership each year, artists will be able to switch out their 8 images to a new body of work and provide an updated Artist Biography and Artist Statement.


  • Open to artists worldwide over the age of 18
  • Artists must have a website that can be viewed as part of the jurying process. It can be individually hosted or other domain/web hosted, including but not limited to sites like Artwork Archive, Wix, Artmajeur, Saatchi, etc.
  • Social Media pages do not qualify as a website.
  • Artists must have an adequate body of work to be juried.
  • Open to visual artists in all 2D & 3D mediums, including but not limited to painting, drawing, pastels, inks, pencil, printmaking, encaustic, fabric, mixed media, digital art, collage, photography, clay, relief, pottery, sculpture, installation, kinetic, and conceptual 3-D artworks created in metal, paper, wood, stone, fiber, plastics, glass, ceramics, or any other material which can be used to create 3-dimensional art.
  • Work must be the original creation of the artist.
  • Digital Art that is a derivative work, created from another original artwork, must be significantly different as to constitute a new original work. The gallery reserves the right to request a copy of the original artwork if copyright infringement is suspected.
  • Although nude art is acceptable, it must be in good taste. Graphic erotic art and art that depicts graphic sexual violence is not acceptable. Acceptance into Fusion Art Membership program is not guaranteed and is solely at the discretion of the gallery.
  • There are no size limitations to the artwork.
  • Artwork does not have to be for sale to be featured on the Artist’s Page.

Application Process:

  • Click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page to be taken to the application form on Submittable.
  • There is a $45 application fee, which will be applied to the first year’s membership fee if accepted. If not accepted, there is a $10 administrative processing fee but the remainder of the application fee ($35) is refundable. Refunds will be sent via PayPal only – not through Submittable.
  • If artists do not follow the application rules, for example they do not have a qualified website to jury, but still apply, the entire $45 application fee is not refundable. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Entrance does not guarantee acceptance.
  • The annual Artist Membership fee is $120 that is applicable upon acceptance.
  • Application and entry fees are inclusive of New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax.
  • The membership fee will be renewable annually until the Artist informs Fusion Art in writing of their membership withdrawal. Membership fee renewals will be billed, through PayPal, 15 days prior to membership expiration. Membership fees are not refundable once paid, even if the artist elects to withdraw membership prior to the expiration date.

Jury selection

  • All Featured Artist Membership applications will be juried by Fusion Art Gallery Directors – Chris & Valerie Hoffman and/or a guest juror of their choice.
  • Artists will be notified of their acceptance within 15 days after submission
  • Upon acceptance, artists will receive an email acceptance and request for additional information/images for the Artist Member page, if needed.
  • Fusion Artist Member pages will be published within 10 days of the gallery receiving all additional information requested, including payment of the balance of the annual membership fee

Not all artists will be accepted, and jury decisions are final.

Fusion Art refers all inquiries to the Artist and does not receive any fees or commissions on sales that result from exposure as a featured artist member.

All Featured Artist Members grant Fusion Art a non-exclusive perpetual license to reproduce the images of their artwork on our website, in the marketing and promotion of the artist including, but not limited to, on the gallery’s social media network outlets, and to promote Fusion Art and the Featured Artist Membership program. Fusion Art is granted usage of the chosen artwork, for display, marketing and promotional purposes. 

Artists should read the website’s Terms of Service & Use page. By applying for the Featured Artist Membership the artist is automatically agreeing to the Terms of Service & Use, Privacy Policy and the Featured Artist Membership rules as outlined on this page.


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