7th Annual Black & White Best in Show Winners – March 2023

To contact these Best in Show artists directly for purchase inquiries or to see more of their work, please visit the 7th Annual Black & White Art Exhibition page for contact information.

Congratulations again to the winners and thank you for sharing your talent with us.

Best in Show (Traditional) – Maxwell G. Miller – “BEHIND THE CURTAIN” – charcoal on paper

Maxwell G. Miller is an American contemporary realist artist working in the Dominican Republic. His artistic career began in the theatrical arts, where he became well known for specializing in large-scale theatrical puppetry. He served as director, artistic designer, and scenic artist for several theater organizations based in Cleveland, Ohio before pursuing visual art professionally in 2017.

After refining his technique and developing an interest in mythology and history painting, he relocated to Scranton, PA in 2020 to complete an apprenticeship with master artist Anthony Waichulis at the ÀNI Art Academy. Maxwell completed his apprenticeship in 2022 and now serves as the Dean of the ÀNI Art Academies Dominicana in Río San Juan, Dominican Republic, where he strives to cultivate a richer artistic community through artistic education. ​

Maxwell’s sense of theatricality has continued to influence his compositions and has developed into a portfolio of dramatic portraiture and dense still life with a focus on storytelling. His work has received international awards and recognition from leading art competitions and major arts publications including the Art Renewal Center, the National Art League, and the Artist’s Network. He is an affiliated artist of Lovetts Gallery in Tulsa, OK, and has works in private collections across the globe.

Behind the Curtain depicts the props and performance tools of a one-man circus act. This includes the artist’s own props from his time as a performer: juggling clubs and balls, fire-eating torches, a bullwhip, and playing cards set up for a favorite card trick.

To learn more about Maxwell and to see more of his work, please visit his website.

Best in Show (Photography & Digital) – Steve Stratis – “RIPPLED INK” – digital art

Many of the world’s marvels go unseen, whether due to the flow of time or being beyond our perception. Steve Stratis’ work centers around bypassing these limitations – giving the viewer a glimpse of how matter frozen in time and invisible phenomena may appear. Stratis fuses digital techniques such as 3D sculpting and VFX (visual effects) to apply a stylistic spin, resulting in a unique abstract-centric aesthetic. Steve aims to inspire a greater interest in physics and further appreciation for the many powers that shape our world.

To learn more about Steve and to see more of his art, please visit his Instagram.


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