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Fusion Art Announces the Winners of its Grant for Artistic Excellence

Fusion Art is thrilled to announce the Grant for Artistic Excellence winning artists – Cher Pruys, Jon Bøe Paulsen and Robert Obier.

Hanna Supetran to Exhibit in ESPACIO Gallery in London

Hanna Supetran is one of the 60 International Artists chosen to represent International Contemporary Art to celebrate the 11th year anniversary of the SEGNALATI Project in London.

How to Effectively Promote Your Art on Pinterest

In this guest article by Nancy Howard, she discusses ways to effectively marketing your art using the Pinterest platform.

Loretta Ana Kaufman to Exhibit in the National Association of Women Artists 133rd Annual Exhibition

Loretta Ana Kaufman’s acrylic painting “Double Monologues I:  Series M” will be part of NAWA’s Annual Members’ Exhibition in New York City in October 2022.

129th Toronto International Salon of Photography Competition

Fusion Art is pleased to share the 129th Toronto International Salon of Photography Competition. We are also honored to be part of an outside online jury for the Toronto Camera Club’s Creative/Altered Reality Members Only competition in March 2023.

Hanna Supetran is a Featured Artist on Its Liquid Group Global Platform

Hanna Supetran is featured on Its Liquid Group Global Platform as one of their Featured Artists

5 Reasons to Use YouTube to Promote Your Art Business

Using YouTube as a marketing and sales channel for your artwork is more than just a powerful and effective way to get noticed. It’s a means to grow your art business and increase your chances of making sales

How to Photograph 2-Dimensional Art

A good photograph of your art can mean the difference between getting into an exhibition, being accepted into a gallery or making an important sale. It is worth the time it takes to get this aspect of your art presentation done correctly.

Hanna Supetran Featured in Art Folio Annual 2022

Hanna  Supetran is one  of the featured artists in Art Folio 2022: A Curated Collection of the World’s Most Exciting Artists.

Hanna Supetran Wins Judges Choice Award

Hanna Supetran’s painting, After The Rain, won the Judges Choice Award from the recently concluded 2022 “All Abstraction International Competition”.

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